November 1, 2014

To goals, hopes and dreams

Shhhh do you hear that?
No vile noises or voices
No annoying sounds or clowns
Just me and my meandering mind.

Grew up wanting to be many,
From Snow White to Cinderella
Sleeping Beauty to the (hair) opluent Rapunzel.
Dreamt of a knight in shining armour, never without his stallion.

Growing older wanting to be many,
From Victoria Beckham, Sylvia Plath
To a world famous doctor.
Dreaming of happiness, sleeping on clouds.

This life has no paucity of dreams
Or inspiration
Or opportunities
Only has a dearth of sentiment, masked faces gallore.

A pleasant dusk, inching ever so closely towards dark
The first day of November
My mind continues to meander
To glistening stars, to a bright white moon and a gazillion dreams, yet to be conquered.

Final exams in sixteen days  #ScaryStoriesIn5Words

October 21, 2014


The heart has a mind of its own
Has needs of it own
The heart yearns for love 
And it's  mind, for attention

The heart is fragile
It breaks
By the lack of love, attention & ignorance.

The heart is fickle,
Thanks to it's own mind
It'll  forget just as easily as it forgives and cherishes 

The heart has no mouth
It communicates by beating with that of its  soulmate
When this mode of communication is obstructed
It works like the superior vena cava obstruction...

... like how the veins distend and engorge
The heart swells with unexplored emotions
When overwhelmed, it explodes
Too bad, the heart doesn't  have a buffer system of it's  own
It breaks, shatters, ends up in pieces
Forever scarred.

*Something I wrote when insomnia overtook my body. 

April 5, 2014

When I was tourist in my own country

It isn't until something is taken away from us, that we realise what we had before was incredible.

Being away from home for the last two years, I've grown to appreciate the little things that made what home what it is; be it the roads leading me home, the peach trees in the garden outside, the prayer flags colourfully adorning our roadsides or the intricately painted traditonal decor.
When I got to go home last month, I took time to stop and take in the beauty of the place that we're fortunate to be born in...

Cannot wait until I'm home for good... Home is the nicest word there is.