October 9, 2011

Where the mind is without FOCUS -Not by R.Tagore

Today is no ordinary Sunday,
Its the Sunday which makes my exams just 5 weeks away,
Its the Sunday before a Monday where I have a two hour discussion session on pneumonia,
Its the Sunday where my mind is restless, restless like its never been before,
Its the first Sunday I decided to stay home and study.

Sundays, I think are never meant for homework and studying,
Sundays are not days when you plan something & implement your plan,
Instead Sundays are days when you do things totally unplanned & enjoy it,
Sundays are meant to be happy, stress free days!

Sigh, if only this Sunday was one of those stress free days,
If only my mind could stop swaying & focus on these books lying in front of me,
If only...

If only I had a way out.
I don't.
So please dear mind of mine, get focussed, don't wander around & help me study.
Sincerely, me.


  1. hope focus is more one books than fb and twitter :D looking forward for tomorrow...am coming un invited :D :P