December 11, 2012

Hats off to women

I just started my first 4 week long Obstetrics and Gynaecology appointment yesterday and I was not at all happy because I just could not connect to the patients.
But today, I felt such a strong bond develop between myself and the patients I spoke to - I am so happy & relieved. I was feeling so guilty yesterday.

Working in these wards full of women is such a good learning experience - I see myself and so many other girls in these women in the ward.

Today, my first patient was a young mother of 26 pregnant with her first baby - she was so excited! The next  was a mother who had delivered the previous night - her eyes beamed with happiness looking at her soundly sleeping baby girl. The next was a mother in her 40th week of pregnancy waiting to deliver tonight - she was anxious yet very excited to welcome a newborn into her family of 3. The last patient was another young mother of 29 who sadly had a miscarriage - she was in grief and was full of questions regarding the possibility of her being able to conceive again.

It's amazing how strong each of these women were - all of the had such touching stories, some of happiness, some of sadness. I salute these women for being able to go through such overwhelming emotional states and emerging out of it stronger than ever!

For someone who isn't really fascinated by pregnancy and kids, today was a table turner of sorts - I felt a baby kick while examining a pregnant mother's tummy, I held a 12 hours old baby girl in my arms and I shared the grief of a mother who just miscarried.

Today, I am more than thankful to everyone who helped me shape my decision to take up Medicine. I am so lucky to be able to feel this multitude of emotions and learn from this wonderful Sri Lankan population!

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