August 4, 2011

10 of my favourite pictures!

Sunrise as seen from Adam's Peak, a 7359 feet tall mountain, Sri Lanka.

                                                         Biera Lake, Colombo, Sri Lanka

                                                                    Atop Adam's Peak

                                             The closest I've been to the sky!

                                               A part of Colombo, as seen from Biera Lake.

                                              Atop the Peace Pagoda, Galle, Sri Lanka.

                                                                    Wesak, Sri Lanka

                                                                      An interesting tree!

                                                                   Peanut P

*I'm no professional photographer & the pictures are taken with a very ordinary camera, but the pictures mean a lot to me.
Please respect copyright.


  1. all are so nice ..sweta.....the photographs make me feel that life is indeed beautiful with all these things..:)

  2. Nice photographs Sweta :) You seem to be quite a thing.

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  4. The pictures are really beautiful.