July 30, 2011

An ode to my shoe

Dearest shoe,
When I decided to buy you,
It was not because I liked you or cuz you looked fancy.
It was only because I wanted a shoe
And all other shoes looked too boyish
And wouldn't look nice when I wore it with skirts to college.

My first day wearing you,
Everyone looked at you & I,
Cuz nobody wears running shoes with skirts to the hospital.
I was not ashamed & neither were you.

You were stronger than I,
You gave me the support I needed to stand for hours at stretch,
You tolerated my daily increasing weight,
You didn't mind when I got you dirty by kicking at piles on sand,
Or when I got you bruised by kicking pebbles,
You didn't mind when I kept you soaked in cold surf water for a whole day,
You didn't mind when I spun you in the washing machine.

If I have un-hurting legs today,
It's thanks to you!

I bought you by mere chance
But now, you're my favourite :)
With these medical appointments, I'm learning & growing,
And you're helping me grow.

You'll always remain my favourite
And will always occupy a special place in the shoe rack :)
I love you
And trust me, I know people who envy you ;)

*picture of the shoe coming up soon*


  1. haha. A nice poem. Enjoyed reading it! Hope your shoe will be happy to see this poem :P Waiting to see the pic... Keep posting!

  2. A very thoughtful post!! Enjoyed it :D