July 30, 2011

Then & Now

I and my friends were talking about how being in college has changed us, and it was amazing how much we've changed - for better or worse, I can't say but I'm seriously surprised at the various things I've done and the person I've grown into!

I was someone who was scared of blood! The slightest of bruise, I'd cry & call for mum. Now, I can draw blood from patients. I've even seen floods of blood when people with bleeding limbs come to see the doctor. Once, a patient was being transfused blood, and he'd accidently pulled out the line so he was in a mess - blood all over his hands and a blood pool on the floor. And by reflex, I went and closed the IV canula lid and assured him that everything was fine with the little bit of Sinhalese I know.
Later, as I was washing my hands, I realised I could face a huge pool of blood without feeling squeamish or scared! Achievement! :D

I was this girl who'd go to bed at 10pm and get up at 7am for school. In between, I'd do the necessary studying and squeeze in TV and fun time.
Now, I can NEVER fall asleep before 11pm. I get insomnia, very often. I pop in sleeping pills before exams and I'm forced to get up at 6am.
The first few months here, I drank gallons of coffee to stay awake. Every day, I dozed off in lectures!! And coffee became my friend - it didn't keep me awake, but then everyone said it does so I drunk as much as I could. The first thing I'd do after getting out of bed, with eye lids still droopy, was grab the Nescafe bottle and pour a spoonfull  into my white huge mug!
But with time, I've let go of coffee. Not willingly, though.  I end up getting up late and I need to keep aside the coffee, and rush to college with just a shower.

I watch more movies than I read books.
And I don't remember most of the times, the content of the movies I watch. I think I watch them only to avoid reading the huge books I'm actually supposed to :D
But, I love Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries & now House M.D.

I was someone who loved reading novels. Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Paulo Coelho, Meg Cabot, Paulo Coelho, Cecilia Ahern - I loved them all.
Now, I don't even remember which was the novel I read last! I am only reading books on Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery & Medicine!

I've been a thin person. I never had a stomach flab.
Now, I have one! Sigh!
I always make plans of daily exercise, but it never happens - blame time!

But, being away from home, I've become a very independent person.
I never went out grocery shopping alone, I never went to the bank & when mum asked me to make some official calls, I'd always find some reason not to.
Now, I do it all. I've learnt to fend for myself. And I'm proud I'm doing it when I'm 19 :)

Being in college has taught me so many lessons, more than all I've learnt before being here. Lesson one was not to trust anyone but yourself. The next was to be confident and speak up, without shying. (Talking of which, I'm no more that shy, timid person I was before).
Most important, SMILE - it does wonders :)

I've always loved the way I was but I love this me a lot more!

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  1. Wow, a really interesting description of changes in you. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading it. Most of the changes, as are obvious, is for better without any doubt. Great job! :)