July 2, 2011

Why I've been M.I.A

Of the 672 hours in the past 4 weeks, I', almost certain I spent more than 500 hours in the hospital. Out of those 500 hours, I spent at least 250 hours standing and about 15 hours watching kick ass surgeries being done.

And that is very reason why I've been away from blogging.

I'm doing my first Surgery Appointment. Exhausting-ly interesting would be the shortest way of describing the first 4 weeks of the appointment.
It is so much more fun than lectures & practicals in the laboratories. But, it demands so much more hard work, energy & time. Currently, I'm deprived of a social life! I come home only to eat & sleep; and being someone who loves to sleep, I'm sleep deprived, as well!

The day begins at 6am and within 45 minutes I have to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and stride to the hospital complex to be in the ward by 7.15am. Then, we speak to patients, get their "history" and examine them. We need to be in the wards until 12.00 so until then we read, chat & somehow, kill time.
It's a splendid opportunity to learn; I've learnt more than what I learnt in the first two years of lectures in these four weeks. But then again, it demands a lot.

Getting to watch surgeries being done is the BEST part of the appointment. I am still not sure if its a surgeon I want to become, but seeing these surgeons display their skills tempts me to be one :p
The 6-8 hours I've spent standing in the operating theatres are the only hours of standing I found worthwhile :)

Two more weeks until I wind up with this appointment; two more weeks to learn as much I can; two more weeks of being sleep deprived; two more weeks until I party!

On one of the days in the Operation Theatre. 


  1. What an interesting post you managed to write and share here, despite being so busy with your daily duties and obligations and of course passion.
    You will make one of the fines doctors in the country, cheers. :)

  2. Doc,......good luck...do it wel...