June 11, 2017

Changing times

Life is not a bed of roses,  they said
Slowly getting to realise what they meant
The bubble wrap around me popping slowly but steadily
Eyes opening up to things unheard of,  unimagined of

October 30, 2015

Two special years with the Yangchenphug Family

If there’s one word to describe my journey with the Yangchenphug family, it would be incredible!

My admission to YHSS in Class 11 in 2007 to complete the last two years of my high school education was a dream come true! As I moved from Little Dragon to Changangkha LSS to Motithang High School, I always dreamt of wearing the YHSS uniform one day, perhaps because I knew this school of learning had so much to offer me. And today, as I reflect back, it has been one of my best decisions.

It’s been 7 years since I graduated from YHSS but it feels like just yesterday when I walked up to the Science Block in the morning, devoured the momos and fried rice in the canteen over lunch, spent close to 8 hours daily in school and walked back home after the bell summoned the end of the day, already looking forward to the next day at school.

I have several vivid memories of my stay at Yangchenphug. English lessons with Madam Sangay Lhamo were my absolute favourite – I remember trying hard to grasp the way she pronounced words so beautifully. I can guarantee I never stifled a yawn in her classes. Math lessons with Mr. Murgiah, Biology with Mr. Tushar, Chemistry with Mr. Pradesh, Physics with Mr. Roy and Dzongkha with my favourite class teacher Lopen Phurba conducted in what will be my favourite class in the 13 years of my education in Bhutan – 12 Science C, has the biggest role to play in what I have become today.

Today as I watch my second home – Yangchenphug – from my work place at the JDWNRH, I am always taken down memory lane. I will be forever grateful to Yangchenphug, for she honed my personal skills; from a timid and a complete introvert to a confident person who could fend and speak up for herself. The friends I made during my two years there and the enormous support meted out by the school faculty deserves due credit for this; and it is this that helped me survive 5 and half years of college life away from home and family.

Thank you is so little, but that is all I can offer to you, my dearest Yangchenphug family!

September 3, 2015

NGOP diaries #02

Clad in hues of blue, green and red
Hair set straight down to the shoulder
Eyes moulded to shape with black eyeliner
And eyelashes curled up, loaded with mascara.

Dressing up to game is exciting
But who are we trying to impress?
Or are we just pleasing our famished egos?

September 2, 2015

NGOP diaries #01

One among a crowd of close to 3000
Feeling like a matchstick in a matchbox
Ears attuned to the voice of the lecturers
Eyes dancing in all possible directions looking for familiar faces
Mind wandering from here to you to back here
Smiling silently to myself
And wandering what do I feed the butterflies in my tummy...
....you, perhaps?

August 16, 2015

Human waves

Building conversation out of the blue
And perpetuating like the flow of water
From good mornings to the day's happenings
Butterflies in the tummy, incessantly.

Amazing how human beings come & go like sea waves ~

August 4, 2015


Fingers wrapped around my warm coffee mug
Oiled hair tied up in pigtails
Woollen pajamas keeping me warm
Gazing up at the grey sky
Grateful for this time off by my own

July 30, 2015

Full stop

I've stopped believing in happy endings
I vouch for a happy journey now

I've stopped praying for a happily ever after
I'd rather be happy now; happy today

I've stopped weaving dreams & plans
I'd rather do something I love daily

I've stopped thinking of the so called future
My horizon extends to just the end of the next week

I'd like to believe I'm getting wiser 😄