November 9, 2013

Everybody matters

Did you smile at the pedestrian who just happened to make eye contact with you today?

Did you greet the gate keeper when you entered your work place?

Did you say thank you to the cab driver who drove you to your destination?

Did you say 'I love you' to your mother today?

Did you pat the dog who came running to you with his tail wagging in joy?  

Did you smile and stroke the child who in his innocence stared at you from the seat infront of you in the bus while on his mother's lap?

Did you pray for the life of the person in the ambulance as it sped past you, siren sounding in full volume?

Did you thank God for keeping you alive, hale & hearty?

~ Eveybody matters. Saying 'good morning', 'thank you' or just simply smiling can mean a lot to someone. When it doesn't cost us anything,  why don't we do it?
Be thankful for the life you have, be thankful that your chidren and parents are healthy. Appreciate the love and concern someone has for you.  
     I've seen children, young adults, parents die in the most unexpected of times in the hospital. Many a times people around them realise their importance only after they're gone ~ 

There must surely be a reason why God created humans with the ability to communicate - lets communicate, lets make everyone around feel that they matter.