August 28, 2013

Does life really go on?

I found this interesting poem by Lei a few days back and I'm surprised as how it's managed to linger on in my mind for these past few days.

It's amazing how it's so simple yet carries so much weight and meaning.

Give it a read, please.

I sit and stare
Do you notice me there?
You continue to break my heart,
With each moment we're apart.
I have the constant memory
Of how you're never here with me.

I watch you dance with another man
I sit up as straight as I can.
I force a smile as tears begin to fall
You smile at me as if we've had it all.

I see that you have moved on
But why is it that I hold on?
I weaken as I hear the claps
I smile as you turn your back
I watch as you move on,
It's hard to move on...

I close my eyes and begin to pray
I wish for better days
For without you, I can't go on
But as your pink lips move, you tell me, life goes on...

The story behind this poem, as Lei mentions, is that of a girl sitting at her mother's wedding watching her mother dance away with her new husband. Her father has died recently. Seeing her mother move on hurts her. 
She knows and realizes that life can't stop; it has to go on. But she's in a conflict...