July 30, 2015

Full stop

I've stopped believing in happy endings
I vouch for a happy journey now

I've stopped praying for a happily ever after
I'd rather be happy now; happy today

I've stopped weaving dreams & plans
I'd rather do something I love daily

I've stopped thinking of the so called future
My horizon extends to just the end of the next week

I'd like to believe I'm getting wiser 😄

July 14, 2015


Staring out into the velvety sky
A gazillion different thoughts in mind.

How it came to be
Or why it came to be
What will become of it
Where it'll lead me to.

Staring out at the velvety sky
Hope, happiness, apprehension & doubts running wild
I'm left aswoon
Yearning to hear you breathe, me breathe

Staring out into the velvety sky
I need to know it's real.

July 5, 2015

The first job

Making my way in through the corridor
Already feeling the adrenaline rush
Once in, pen on paper
Ears wide open to histories
Hands working craftily at examination
Breaking drug ampoules by their neck
Ripping out syringes from their polythene packaging
Drawing blood, filling in forms
On my toes, one end to another
One patient to another
Admitting some, convincing some and discharging some.

End of my shift
Walking out through the corridor, I have a wide smile plastered on my exhausted face
I thank God for making me choose Medicine as my profession

~ my life in the Emergency Department.