October 15, 2011

Bhutan's own 'Royal Wedding'

The world's youngest reigning monarch, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck married Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck on the 13th of October, 2011.
Who doesn't know about it, right? *widesmile*

I know millions of pictures of The Royal Wedding are doing rounds over the Internet, but being a Bhutanese who loves her King & the new Queen to the core, I couldn't help get a bunch of these pictures from various places and put it up here.

13th to the 15th of October was declared a national holiday in Bhutan so that people from all districts, from all walks of life could come together and be a part of the celebrations.
The National TV had a live telecast of the entire celebrations and also had a Live Webstreaming on their website to ensure that Bhutanese outside the country also get to be a part of the celebs.

I bunked clinicals (the first time since clinicals started in May, 2011!) and watched the live telecast with other Bhutanese friends in the University.

The celebrations were done in line with the culture & traditions of the country. The bride looked gorgeous in her yellow tego, red wonju and an intricately woven kira. What caught my eye was her shoes; heels but custom made with Bhutanese embroidery over it.
Our King looked handsome and "kingly" as ever.
The Fourth King's smile (*which makes my heart melt*) added much more joy to the celebrations.

It was an emotional moment when His Majesty crowned his wife and delicately held her face and smiled. That moment will be etched in history forever! So will the moment when the newly weds walked out to the courtyard of the Punakha Dzong hand in hand :)

Then began the celebrations with the thousands of people who had gathered around the Dzong. His Majesty & the Queen walked around amidst the people accepting their heartiest congratulations & good wishes.

The next day, on their way back to Thimphu which is a 71km journey, the King & the Queen walked, yes walked, most of the way talking to the people who had lined up along the road to greet & wish them.
It was past dusk when they reached the capital, and inspite of that, they went around, talked to as many people as possible. It's not without a reason that our King is called "The People's King".

On the third day of celebrations today, people gathered at the National Stadium where His Majesty gave a speech with Her Majesty the Queen by his side.
His Majesty kissed his bride, thrice - their bond was sealed with a kiss, much to the happiness of the people gathered at the stadium :)

Then followed a cultural program to keep the guests entertained while His Majesty the King & the Queen went up to the stadium to interact with the people.

I could not be a part of it, being away from home, but still, my heart swells with pride!
I'm proud to be a Bhutanese, to be under the reign of such a wonderful, down to earth King who loves his subjects and treats them like his own children.

Here's extending my heartfelt congratulations & Tashi Delek to the newly wed.

October 9, 2011

Where the mind is without FOCUS -Not by R.Tagore

Today is no ordinary Sunday,
Its the Sunday which makes my exams just 5 weeks away,
Its the Sunday before a Monday where I have a two hour discussion session on pneumonia,
Its the Sunday where my mind is restless, restless like its never been before,
Its the first Sunday I decided to stay home and study.

Sundays, I think are never meant for homework and studying,
Sundays are not days when you plan something & implement your plan,
Instead Sundays are days when you do things totally unplanned & enjoy it,
Sundays are meant to be happy, stress free days!

Sigh, if only this Sunday was one of those stress free days,
If only my mind could stop swaying & focus on these books lying in front of me,
If only...

If only I had a way out.
I don't.
So please dear mind of mine, get focussed, don't wander around & help me study.
Sincerely, me.