May 30, 2012

May musings

May 1st – the Worker’s Day feels like just yesterday and today it’s the 30th.
The end of the month is already nearing! 

How time flies by.

I remember telling myself that there are two solid months for me to prepare for my exams (in July) and now, before I’m even half way through my preparations, one month’s down.

But, May has been a wonderful month for me. My housemate got married – the first Sri Lankan wedding I attended. She made a beautiful bride and it was a lovely wedding. Being a part of the wedding made me realise how beautiful sari clad women look, so I’m going to learn the know hows of draping a sari soon after I’ve done away with the exams!

May brought yet another Mother’s Day where I could not be with my mum zo that was a little saddening. 

May has also been a month full of shopping, which I absolutely enjoy :)
Also, I’ve had a hair cut – the shortest I’ve had in 4 years! All to beat the heat here.

One weekend, I got my face painted by a very talented artist at a new bread store which I've grown to like.

May (they) made me monitor! I was the monitor of my group for the three week paediatric appointment at Asia’s the World's largest Paediatric Hospital (yes, that is in Sri Lanka). 
It was quite a task, being the monitor. I'd be lieing if I said it was easy; it's not easy having to organise the work schedule of 16 students in a ward with over 60 beds. 
These 3 weeks have taught me many lessons, most ofwhich I learnt bitterly. Patience would be the most important value I learnt.   

The downside to this month has been the opportunities that I've missed.  I saw it, right there before me and I chose to ignore it – you know, like food stuck between someone’s front teeth, you can’t miss it – but I missed it and I regret it.

Dear God, give me the strength to live through June and the much dreaded exam week in July.